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Straw hat crew - Tablet ink and colour practise by Atomicvege Straw hat crew - Tablet ink and colour practise :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 0 0 Sketches 08/07/17 by Atomicvege Sketches 08/07/17 :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Brook Pencil by Atomicvege Brook Pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 0 0 Franky Pencil by Atomicvege Franky Pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Pencil Nico Robin by Atomicvege Pencil Nico Robin :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 0 0 Pencil Chopper by Atomicvege Pencil Chopper :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Asui Tablet Ink and Colour Practise by Atomicvege Asui Tablet Ink and Colour Practise :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 9 2 Uraraka Tablet Ink and Colour Practise by Atomicvege Uraraka Tablet Ink and Colour Practise :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 5 0 Deku - Ink and colour practise by Atomicvege Deku - Ink and colour practise :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 6 0 Tablet Inking practise 1 by Atomicvege Tablet Inking practise 1 :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 0 0 Sanji pencil by Atomicvege Sanji pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Alana pencil by Atomicvege Alana pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 0 0 Usopp pencil by Atomicvege Usopp pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Nami pencil by Atomicvege Nami pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 2 0 Zoro pencil by Atomicvege Zoro pencil :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 1 0 Pencil Luffy by Atomicvege Pencil Luffy :iconatomicvege:Atomicvege 2 0


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Straw hat crew - Tablet ink and colour practise
Phew. This one took a while. As with my other tablet practises, I found an image, inked over it, and coloured and shaded it. I've never really done group pictures before, so it was good practise. Especially with the back row, choosing which lines to draw in terms of detail. Also I painted the background based of the image too. I'm really proud of how that turned out. I learned a lot doing it, and have gotten the itch to try more colour painting practises. We'll see. :D
Brook Pencil
The last of my straw hat sketches.

I love Brook's laugh and jokes. This certainly gave my pencil arm a workout. Oh but I don't have arms. Yohohohohoho.

(I do have arms)
Franky Pencil
A Suuuuuuuuuupeeeeeeeer pose!

I was worried with how complex mecha Franky is that this'd be hard to draw. I didn't quite get the proportions right, but I think it reads ok.
Pencil Nico Robin
Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one. I think the hair and the hands are generally ok (I did make a sausage pinky on her left hand), but the rest I'm not feeling great about.

As a whole it looks ok, but all the little things scream out to me ^^


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Hey all. My name is Dave and i've always wanted to be a cartoonist.

I'm taking this lifelong dream very seriously with my new webcomic at

Aside from improving my drawing skills, i play bass, am learning the keyboard, and i write about video games (while trying to learn how to program games. That's going very slowly).


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